Is Mariah Carey Giving Nick Cannon The Boot?

Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon in her "Love Story" music video

Is Mariah Carey tired of Nick Cannon's nonsense? Get the details!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon love to flaunt their fairy tale romance, but is their happy ending turning into a sad divorce story?

Reports say that musical legend Carey is ready to call it quits on her marriage to the comedian and host.

"Mariah'd cut him loose right now. But she's worried about him making a grab for a huge chunk of her $515 million fortune," a source told OK! magazine.

One thing that peeves Carey about Cannon? His bedroom blabbing. Cannon insisted she doesn't mind, telling Howard Stern, "She doesn't care when I talk about our sex life, because our sex life is amazing. She's one of the most beautiful women in the world ... But...when we bring up — I'm not gonna do it —other people's names, she's like, 'Why would you even do that?'"

(Those other people include Cannon's ex, Kim Kardashian.)

The insider added that Cannon isn't thrilled that Mimi is ready to be emancipated from their union, either.

"Nick feels burned that Mariah is ready to pull the plug. They have a pre-nup, but after Nick tells his side of the story Mariah will most likely settle with him financially and realize her once beautiful marriage has evaporated."

On the bright side, remember Carey's masterpiece, Butterfly? That was the result of her divorce from Tommy Mottola. We'd just hate to think of Dem Babies being in a broken home.