Doctor Fail: Wrong Man Gets A Vasectomy

doctor looking surprised

Find out how this major screw up happened.

If you're young and completely healthy, but want to get your tubes tied or have a vasectomy then you probably know a little about what hoops doctors make you go through. They will ask you a million questions. Do you already have kids? Are you sure you won't want one in the future? What if you meet a partner who will want one? The list goes on and on.

So you might be very surprised to find out that some doctors are actually not that diligent when it comes to this type of birth control, and have allegedly given a vasectomy to the wrong man! This will certainly be a huge pay out for this man in court and rightfully so! There is nothing like having a life decision like that taken away from you.

Find out where and how this alleged screw up happened here: Man Gets Accidental Vasectomy After Doctors Operate On 'Wrong Site'