The Do's & Don'ts Of Being A Reality Star

Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars

The couples on 'Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars' teach us the dos and dont's of reality stardom.

Being a reality star isn't as easy or as glamourous as it looks. You have cameras in your face and the public and media saying mean things about you and your "let it all hang out" lifestyle choice.

But even with reality celebrity (or "sellebrity"), you're still a human being with feelings and emotions lurking beneath the surface captured by those HD cameras. 

So if you have this burning desire to step into the spotlight and become a reality star, you can learn a lot and get a crash course in what to do and what not to do when watching Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars, premiering May 30 on WE tv. The cast features Jersey Shore's JWoww and Roger, The Real Housewives of Orange County's Gretchen and Slade, Bad Girls Club's Tanisha Thomas, Braxton Family Values' Traci and Kevin and The Bachelorette's Trista and Ryan.

Thanks to them — particularly their actions towards one another as they fight to save their relationships — we learn the dos and don'ts of being a reality star: 


Do Be Yourself, like Tanisha Thomas:

She's loud and unapologetic and it takes a self-aware woman to recognize the value of a see-through fridge as a "a celebration for big girls everywhere" Tanisha ain't frontin' and we lurve her for it.

Do Admit What You Like:

JWoww was fine with saying she wanted bigger boobs, so she got 'em.

Do Be Entertaining:

Tanisha brings the drama hard. And girl knows it. Plus, more yelling means more air time, which translates to increased fame. Plus, isn't that whole point of being a reality star?

Do Use Humor:

JWoww and Roger deflected questions from the fake press during the faux press conference with humor. That's a good technique when all eyes are on you.

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Don't call yourself "the white Oprah":

That's what Gretchen Rossi did upon meeting Tanisha Yes, really. Not a good look, Gretch.

Don't Make Mountains Out of Molehills:

Trista's main issue with Ryan Sutter? She says "I love you" first, so that means they aren't communicating. Is that why they are there in Boot Camp?

Don't Go on the Offensive Immediately:

Tanisha called someone a "piece of shit" at the press conference. She was on site, what, an hour before erupting like Vesuvius?

Don't Emasculate Your Man:

When Tanisha was a tornado blowing up at the fake press event, she demanded that Clive Muir GET UP in front of cameras and castmates. She also demanded he carry luggage. She didn't say "please," either. It was more like barking an order.

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Don't Make a Half-Hearted Commitment:

Ryan seemed like he didn't want to be there, since he didn't make a video for the presser Maybe he and Trista are more okay than they admit and this is just a reprise since they are America's Reality TV Sweethearts? Perhaps this was a fun paid vacation for the couple?

Don't Make Jokes With Tanisha When She Is a Powder Keg About to Explode.

Again, Gretch learned the hard way. Sometimes it's better to back off and just let the lava flow.

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