5 Great Places to take your date in Chicago


There are many great places to take a date out in Chicago!

Chicago may not be hailed as the most romantic city, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it romantic. Chicago has plenty of great places to take your date, whether it’s your first date or a date for your fiftieth wedding anniversary. You may have lived in Chicago a long time, but how often do you get out and really enjoy all the city has to offer? Probably not that often, so a date is a great time to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful city. Here are five great places you can take your date without ever leaving the city limits.

1. The Lincoln Park Zoo

Seriously, who doesn’t love the zoo? A date at the zoo is great for a date when you are first getting to know one another because it is low-key and gives you the chance to talk. Also, as a daytime date, there won’t seem to be as much pressure as there seems to be once the stars come out. For a more established relationship, they zoo provides a great setting for you to get out of old “dinner and movie” routine and relax outdoors together. The zoo also has a café where you can stop for lunch or you can take a picnic. How romantic!

2. Chicago Symphony Orchestra at the Symphony Center

The Chicago Symphony Orchestra is world renowned for excellence. Plan your date for the night of a performance and see your date’s eyes light up. Make it a special occasion and dress to the nines and head out for dinner before getting to the Symphony Center. This will definitely be a night your date will remember.

3. Lake Michigan

Chicago may not be the place for a seaside vacation, but we do have the beautiful Lake Michigan. As one of the great lakes, it looks big enough to an ocean from any vantage point. Take your date to one of the gorgeous beaches located within the city. Enjoy a nice walk with your toes in the water or take a blanket and enjoy the sounds of the lake while you look into each other’s eyes. If you’re more of the adventure type, you can always rent a jet ski and get wet.

4. Wrigley Field

Baseball is the American pastime and in Chicago, Wrigley Field is an icon. A baseball game will give you and your date time to talk while still having something else to focus on. Enjoy a hotdog, get a couple souvenirs, and enjoy a great day together.

5. The Chicago Theater

Give your date a special night on the town with tickets to the Chicago Theater. The romance of the theater comes out when the lights go out and you can take your date’s hand. There is nothing like a live performance. Intermission will give you time to talk about the show and grab a snack together. Dress to impress and take your date out for a drink after the show.

This is just a small sampling of all the great date places in Chicago. There are venues for every type of budget and every type of activity. So, whether you are looking for a fun, low key outing or an evening of glitz and glamour, Chicago has the perfect place to go. Have a great time on your date!