Couple Will Walk Down The Aisle After A 42-Year Engagement

old couple holding hands

It's about time! Find out why it took so long for them to get hitched.

The average couple is engaged for 13 to 18 months in order to plan their big wedding day. Of course sometimes things don't pan out in such a timely manner, and we've gotten some great romantic comedies like The Five-Year Engagement to show that some couples take a little longer than others to finalize the deal.

Another example of this is Sofia Vergara, who got engaged to her beau, Nick Loeb in 2012 but later revealed in an interview that she won't be planning a wedding for some time. Her reason is that her Colombian culture believes that being engaged is just another step to a relationship rather than all about the wedding day.

One UK couple however has probably taken the longest to walk down the aisle since they spent 42 years engaged. After knowing each other for four weeks, Daphne Thorp and David Barker got engaged in 1972. In July on Thorp's 82nd birthday they will finally tie the knot. Thorp reveals why it has taken them so long to do so and how the loving couple met.

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