Balayage Beauty for Millionaires


Balayage has become the hair color trend for the most discerning of fashionistas and celebrities.


The trendiest hair coloring technique of 2014 for the most fashionable people is revealed, Balayage. This low maintenance coloring gives hair the most amazing sun-kissed and natural highlights, completely customized for the individual. Ombre and Balayage first became really popular a few years back, however, balayage is now the hottest new trend.

The Trend of Balayage

In the last couple of years, two trending new hairstyles have started making some real waves. The Ombre hairstyle and the Balayage hairstyle. These two similar, but alternative coloring techniques made a big entrance onto the fashion scene, where they are continuing to rule many top-salons’ daily conversations. While Ombre is still in fashion with some, it’s the Balayage look that is the most popular coloring request in salons today.

Vogue Magazine states that Balayage is, “The go-to for modern, chic hair, balayage creates depth and dimension, and leaves you with a sun-kissed finish.” Stars everywhere are sporting their balayage sun-kissed tresses, from Drew Barrymore to Jessica Biel. Many of the success stories of MillionaireMatch have also been seen showing off their amazingly natural highlights.

Balayage has become the hair color trend for the most discerning of fashionistas, celebrities, models and clients. This color technique can be specially designed to fit any shade of hair to create amazingly natural, sun-kissed highlights.

The History of Balayage

The balayage method was first practiced in France during the 1970s. The French word Balayage means, “To scan or sweep”, which is essentially referring to the technique that the hairstylist uses when adding highlights or coloring hair.

L’Oreal Professionnel Artist, Jay Vosper who is a balayage expert states that it is a method, “in which lightener or hair color is literally swept onto the individual hair strand to create lightness and depth.”

This is the number one treatment over foil highlighting. Foil highlighting can often lead to harsh highlights in high contrast to the hair. Balayage, which is often referred to as “hair painting”, is a specialized technique that is used to create natural, soft highlights with complimentary shades of hair.

Originally a big hit in the 80s, balayage highlights didn’t start creating a sensation again until the last couple of years. Both Ombre hair and Balayage hair have generated a lot of favor with the trendiest of fashionistas. However, it seems that Ombre is losing the spotlight to Balayage.


Ombre Hair Color

Ombre hair color refers to when stylists fade the hair color from dark roots to lighter tips. Depending on the stylist, this look can be very subtle or very contrasting. If done correctly, this look is highly appealing. It is also a great choice for a natural-but-not-too-natural look.

However, when not done properly – this look can turn into a bad dye job fast. At worst, it can look like someone has simply let their hair grow out without a color touch-up. However, it is always recommended to have Ombre or Balayage done by a professional for the best effects.

Benefits of Balayage Hair Color

One of the most advertising advantages of balayage is that it is a low maintenance hairstyle. Due to the natural blending of the highlights being painted on the roots, the hair blends in as it grows out. This means it is easier than ever to have strikingly natural highlights with as little maintenance as possible. Each individual client is different, however, many go three months or more between appointments.

Another reason balayage is so popular is due to the completely customized look that each client receives. This technique allows each salon stylist to use their creativity and expert option to create a look that is original and personalized for each individual.

The balayage technique can also be applied to any color of hair to create natural looking highlights of the best quality. This is the number one technique for those who love to keep you guessing at whether their hair color is natural or not.

While it was first used on blondes, stylists have now perfected the art of adding depth and layers to any natural hair color. Redheads and brunettes alike can have complimentary highlights with this technique. It is also the first preference for naturally blending away gray hair, to retain your youthful color without such a dramatic color change.


It seems more than ever that the all-natural look is coming back in style to stay. While colors are still playing center stage, it’s the natural effects that are turning heads everywhere. From L’Oreal to Vogue to MillionaireMatch, Balayage is the number one hottest look for spring 2014.