Must-Know Tips For Guests & Hosts From A Serial Wedding Guest

flower petal throwing at bride and groom

There are ways to keep guests and hosts happy on the big wedding day!

Perhaps you've been lucky enough to not ever be a guest to a wedding until now, therefore you are not very familiar with weddings. You may be very unaware of wedding etiquette and expect the whole day to be one big party. After all, it is a celebration of a loved one's love! But because weddings are stressful on the bride and groom it's very important to learn about what not to do before the wedding day to make it go smoothly.

The same thing goes for the lucky couple! Yes, it is very much your day, but you can easily ruin it for yourselves and your guests when you end up doing don’ts like micromanaging small details instead of having fun.

In order for everyone to get it right, Jen Doll, a serial wedding guest, broke down a few important points for both wedding guests and hosts to follow on the big day.

From her experience, weddings have gone south fast because someone broke one of these rules!

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