Get A Headcount Of Your Swimmers From The Comfort Of Home


Say what?

Yes, it is official. The realm of sex and infertility has made a new breakthrough: you can now test the quality of your sperm at home.

There is a new, easy-to-use tool coming to market. TrakFertility was invented by researchers in the US and will be available as soon as next year. According to investors, the device is as accurate as a laboratory test and gives results within minutes. This means no more anxiety-filled trips to the fertility clinic!

"The market today is completely focused on females to monitor hormones, temperatures and so forth for peak fertility windows each month. But one of every five men has low-sperm counts that can impair conception," Greg Sommer, one of the founders of the startup company that developed this device said. "We want to help people conceive in a way never done before."

Sommer and his partner, Ulrich Schaff, came up with their idea while working at Sandia National Laboratories in California, where they developed a device to detect toxins and biological threats immediately when needed. Soon after, they founded Sandstone Diagnostics Inc. to develop the fertility-test kit.

Behold, there is more.

Sommer and Schaff are also working on a mobile app for men to study the results of the test and connect with physicians should they need further information or expert advice. It's all coming together!