Our Favorite Celebrity Sex Quotes Of The Week

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Dear celebs, never change!

Oh boy, here we go again. The celebrities are letting us know how they feel on everything from love to sex to pants (or lack thereof). They are ridiculously candid, and we love them for it.


"I think I've learned a lot by being around him And, you know, he is an incredibly important person to me." - Emma Stone in an interview with Vogue magazine regarding boyfriend Andrew Garfield

"Heartbreak boxes and Heartache Days should be things #mindymixer" - Mindy Kaling on Twitter
"I had to stop [crowdsurfing] I'm only doing like 2000-seaters, but I still have to have barriers even if it's like 200 people because people try to finger me" - Iggy Azalea in a radio interview with Hot 97
"Miley cancelled shows due to a "severe allergic reaction to antibiotics" Hmmm. Why that girl would be on penicillin, I just can't imagine..." - Joan Rivers
"My sexual peak is from am to 2:10am mountain time." - Dane Cook
"It's #sexualwednesday and I'm really trying to not wear pants today, it's for my health Video will be up later." - Jenna Marbles