Strike A Pose: How To Achieve The Perfect Selfie, In GIFs


How will anyone know how good you look if you don't post a picture?

In today's world, Instagram is the hub of communication. After all, how will anyone know how good you look or what awesome shoes you just bought if you don't post a picture? Since we're guilty of being a part of the selfie phenomenon, we thought we'd share some stages that we all go through when trying to get that perfect Instagram photo.

You get ready for work and realize you're having an amazing hair/makeup day.

Since this rarely happens, you realize this it's a perfect moment to take a selfie.

Here we go! You take the first photo. It's okay, but definitely not Instagram-worthy.
You take another. You realize that stupid pimple you thought you covered is still visible.

After covering up your pimple to the full extent, you're ready again. Feeling okay, but not as confident as you were when you started.
Still not satisfied, you try changing the lighting or changing your pose.
Okay, seriously? 22 photos and literally none of them are good enough for Instagram. Now you're getting mad.
You're determined to get a perfect Instagram-worthy selfie, but it's just not happening. So after 45 photos, you finally give up.
You put down the phone and then take one look in the mirror. "Okay just once more. That's it."
You take the "last" photo and finally you get a good one.