Must-Watch Video: 'Jammin' Grannies' Bust A Move Before Marathon

old woman dancing

Watch how these grannies get down!

There are many ways to get pumped before running a marathon. For some, it's a pep talk from their supportive friends and family, for others it might be listening to a great playlist. But for these ladies, it's all about getting into some pretty convincing makeup and get down by doing the wobble in front of their fellow marathon runners!

Three young ladies make up the "Jammin' Grannies" group, which gets into full costume before running marathons for great causes. On March 29, they were participating in Ukrop's Monument Ave 10k marathon in Richmond, V.A. The marathon is in honor of mental health. In order to get pumped for the 10k, the women were caught doing the infamous wobble dance. Their great attitude was so infectious that a man joins in!

Watch the video of the dance at Huffington Post Good News: Watch These Grooving 'Grannies' Get Down Before Running Marathons For A Good Cause