How To Properly Approach Women At The Bar, According To Movies

man talking to two women at a bar

These comedies will help you step up your game at the bar.

Perhaps you want to learn how to approach women because you aren't that social at all to begin with, or because you have been out of the game for a while. Maybe you're doing just fine in that department, but you're just curious to look at someone else's playbook. Whatever the reason is, Ask Men has decided to not only spell out all the dos and don'ts for you but has also added clips from beloved movies where characters were successful at putting on the moves.

So what is the first piece of advice to approaching women? Relax of course!

"Stop worrying about what I might think of you. I'll probably like you a lot better and give you more time if you come over and talk to me naturally rather than using a line or nervously talking crap. Women can tell if a guy is confident or sh*tting his pants. Try thinking of something funny as you walk over so it isn't some creepy "I'm confident" smile," advises an Ask Men expert.

Watch this hilarious clip of a nerdy boy picking up a hot women at a laundry mat just by keeping it cool at Ask Men: Approaching Women At The Bar