Trip to Tuscany: The Ideal Vacation for Your Anniversary


Richly historic, Tuscany has roots that reach deep into time, to cultures and civilizations already old when the Romans founded Florence and Pisa. Continuing to blossom long after the Roman Empire faded, this region gave rise to the Renaissance, profoundly influencing the whole of Western Civilization, shaping its art and culture as well as its social and political thought. Staying in luxury villas in Tuscany give a more cultural experience, a deeper understanding of its beauty and heritage. Motels offer a more superficial view of Tuscany's rich culture, a culture better savored among its people, in villas situated in the midst of life as it's lived in this remarkable region.

Great Cultural Centers

Tuscany is home to some of the greatest cultural centers in European history, cities still known and admired today. Under the influence and patronage of the Medicis, a family credited as the source of the Renaissance movement through their financing of the arts, Florence flourished. Medici patronage cultivated artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. The arts run deep in Tuscany, from paintings to magnificent architecture. All the world it seems has heard of the leaning tower of Pisa, another renown Tuscan city. The lasting, eternal nature of beauty makes Tuscany an ideal place to celebrate a wedding or anniversary.

The Medieval and the Modern

The medieval and modern blend harmoniously in the rural regions of Tuscany. The area between Florence and Sienna has been known for thousands of years for the quality of its wine. Tucked away here and there throughout the Tuscan countryside are vineyards with roots in the Medieval Era and beyond. There are ruins older than the Roman Empire and an almost magical timelessness in some rural regions. A villa allows you to experience this on a much deeper level than do the hotels and their typical tourist fare, and can be far more affordable.

Do More Than Visit
When you travel to Tuscany, do more than visit – live it. Whether you choose a simple villa or a luxury villa for your anniversary vacation, you'll have a greater, more authentic experience of Tuscany than a hotel could ever offer. Staying in luxury villas in Tuscany give a more cultural experience. The real Tuscany isn't found in the gleaming glass of tourist district hotels, but in the villas small and large dotting the countryside and cities, right in the midst of life. Experience living among local people and the magnificent wealth of art, history and culture making up the landscape of their lives.