How To Get On 'Property Brothers' And Meet Jonathan And Drew Scott

Drew Scott and Jonathan Silver Scott

You know you want them.

YourTango readers swooned when Jonathan Scott told us, "Years before I ever lived in Las Vegas, I set up a romantic helicopter tour of Las Vegas to 'one up' the champagne limo tour we had done on a previous visit. This time was a little different because it was nighttime and I had pre-arranged to have a custom romantic message projected 40' tall on the desert floor. It shined bright as day and brought her to tears."

Not to be outdone, twin brother Drew likewise added his romantic input, "Nothing says 'I love you' like unwinding at the end of the night with ice cream and a movie in bed."

Anyone else thinking, "Marry me!"? Well, we can't promise you that 250 guests wedding, but we can give you a shot at meeting the home TV heartthrobs. Property Brothers is always casting in for upcoming seasons on HGTV and seeking potential homebuyers looking for the perfect house that might be beyond their price range. (Read: Jonathan Scott could be standing in your bedroom.)

If you're in need of expert design and construction help — served with a side of handsome — then look no further. Get your financing in place and send an email with your phone number to Include details (and a photo!) about yourself and your family and let them know why you want Jonathan and Drew to make your real estate dreams a reality.

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