The New Dating Rules: Why It's A Good Thing That Chivalry Is Dead

man opening a car door for woman

So what does this mean or the new dating game?

Sometimes you may hear groaning over chivalry being dead. That men have changed and it's not for the better. But what exactly are people actually referring to when they give this complaint? When it comes to chivalry are they picturing a man helping a woman with her coat, or a man who is thoughtful enough to open the door for the woman walking in behind him? Well, it turns out that these two actions do not fall into the same category, and people might be confusing chivalry with common courtesy. Also because of this confusion they might be celebrating something that should be six feet under in 2014.

So what does this mean or the new dating game? Well, don't fret by thinking you have to lower your standards to dating someone unpleasant. Click the link below to find out why chivarly should be dead.

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