This Guy's Painful Selfie Blunder Is Making Him Some Serious Cash

man takes selfie

Turns out, it could pay to be careless with where you take selfies.

The latest update in Jared Frank's embarrassing selfie blunder will definitely make you lose faith in this generation learning to pay attention to their surroundings when taking a selfie. The photo craze can be arguably be called a waste of time, but the bigger problem is that there has been multiple selfie blunders that have caused injuries in multiple ways including financially and physically. In Frank's case it caused him physical injury, although he should call himself lucky for not being left scarred. However his mistake isn't hurting him financially at all, in fact it's benefiting him!

In case you haven't heard, Frank is a 22-year-old Canadian who decided to take a selfie near a moving train despite better judgment. In order to teach him a lesson for taking a chance on his life for the sake of a picture, the train conductor kicked him in the head. This whole episode was caught on tape and Frank decided to post the whole thing on YouTube without any shame. It turns out that his last act is actually making him a lot of money.

Find out how much he has made so far from the viral clip here: Train Kick Selfie Guy On Track To Make A Ton Of Money Off His Idiotic Video