Online stores offer a wide selection for little boys


Online stores offer a wide selection for little boys.

Giuliana Rancic: Yes. Duke was a blessing. We tried for years to have Duke. It was on the third IVF cycle that I found that I had breast cancer, which was obviously a very scary time. So when Duke finally came along a year after my diagnosis, through a surrogate, it was an incredible day. We definitely don't take Duke or having children for granted. We realize what an incredible gift it is. We asked our surrogate in the first episode if she would do it again, and she did agree to do it again. But just like everything else in our lives, there's ups and downs this season, even with the whole trying to have a second baby. It's a bit of a roller coaster ride of emotions this season, and so episode 10, the finale, I think will shock a lot of people because it's very different from