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Which road to take?


Stuck at a 2 way but don't know which road to take?

Ok, we've all been there. Should I go left or right? But hey I could turn back around! Who will I lose if I turn this way our that way? You know what I say? The hell with all of the people you may "lose" because if they truly cared for you then you wouldn't be losing anyone. Honestly, I don't think it matters if you turn around or turn left or right. Listen to your heart. Lets say, if you turned around you could be with your family. If you turned left, you could be with the love of your life. But if you turn right, You could have your dream job. Think, would you truly be happy? Take time for yourself, figure out where you belong. don't listen to anyone else. Trust me, it would be the best decision off your life.


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