Escape Plan: This Is The Best Excuse For Leaving A Bad Date

man asleep in movie theater while woman watches movie

Is your go-to escape move seen as lame or brilliant?

So you're on a date and everything is just going wrong. He has absolutely no manners and he's more interested in his phone than getting to know you. The only time he does open his mouth, he's talking about himself and doesn't ask you any questions about yourself. In the cab on the way to dinner he already pretends like he left his wallet so he will be expecting you to foot the bill. How do you make your quick exit before wasting any more time with this loser?

Do you get a co-conspirator to call you with an "emergency"? Do you pretend that you are starting to feel ill? Or do you just say that you're tired and you think it's time to part ways?

Find out what your favorite strategy is ranked by others and one which is most popular. Is your go-to move seen as lame or brilliant?

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