New Dad? Here's The Secret To Having More Sex

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Here's what will increase your odds post-baby.

My husband had my six-week postpartum appointment marked on his calendar. For new moms, this milestone marks the date when her ob-gyn checks her out and makes sure she's recovering well from giving birth. For new dads, it marks the day the doctor confirms his lady's lady parts are open for business. My husband awaited this appointment as if he were a child waiting for Santa. The pressure of his anticipation made me dread my doctor's OK — and the sex.

New dads, if you're really hoping to get lucky sooner rather than later post-baby, here are seven things that will increase your odds:

Ditch your sympathy bump. It sucks to hear it, but you've let yourself go. When you’re eating chips off your chest hair and wearing a pair of boxer shorts you just picked up off the floor, your wife is watching … and she's totally grossed out. And while she may have a tiny belly because a human baby used to live inside, you have a giant belly because you've been mainlining pizza since the little one came along (and that doesn't even count all the pregnancy cravings you gave in to). You want to get some? Hit the treadmill.

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