Spectacular Celebrity Sex Quotes

chris d'elia
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A week's worth of fantastic quips.

Katie Couric and Bob Saget? Tax season? Game of Thrones? Yep, they're all coming together right here, and they all have something to do with sex, love and smooches. From bad dates to KY Jelly, we've got all the quotes you need to hear.


"I really liked him and he didn't call me again!" - Katie Couric speaking about her date with Bob Saget on her talk show
"This is the thing: I have a mouth like Predator, so it can just go like an alien. Seriously, you're the luckiest person in the world that you didn't have to see me again." - Bob Saget in response to Katie Couric's admission that they once kissed on a date.
"It's April th and I hate paying taxes. The IRS is screwing all of us. This year, tax forms came with a tube of KY Jelly." - Joan Rivers on Twitter.
"'I'm not him! I was acting!' - the actor who plays Joffrey trying to get laid" - Kumail Nanjiani on Twitter
"I have not been sexually active since noon" - Dane Cook on Twitter.
"We're the only species that listens to Michael Bublé when we have sex That's gotta be wrong." - Chris D'Elia on Comedy Central Stand-Up.