The Love Radar Tracks Levels of Love and Hate Across the Country

Love, Self

The Love Radar is a unique tool for being aware of love in the world around them.

The idea behind TheLoveRadar.com is to bring awareness to people of the power of love. Many times love’s energy has been overshadowed by hate and this has intensified since the introduction of the Internet. Technology, as great as it is, has introduced new ways to spread hate.

The Love Radar was constructed to make people aware that online content, tweets and social media sharing have an impact on the overall well-being of people around us. The Love Radar monitors Twitter in real time and analyzes tweets based on location by implementing a proprietary algorithm to determine the level of "love" and "hate" portrayed in the Tweet. The Love Radar monitors Twitter throughout the day and analyzes tweets to decide their "love" and "hate" score. The Love Radar technology takes this data into consideration and projects it onto a map, displaying a heart icon representing the approximate LOVE score. Clicking on a city will show more detailed statistics.

If you want to join the Love movement, head over to http://www.theloveradar.com