The Romantic-Movie Easter Egg Hunt: How Many Can You Find?

pretty in pink poster

The egg hunt you can do from your couch!

Easter is close and that means it's about time for an Easter egg hunt. Of course as adults we may not be running around yards in search of plastic eggs filled with goodies but instead we are searching for Easter eggs left behind by writers, actors and directors from some of our favorite romantic comedies.

In case you needed another excuse to stay in and watch some of these movies on Netflix then here it is. Watch these movies over again to find the "Easter egg", or hidden reference or inside joke. Come back to see if you found the reference, or just read through all of these and look for the Easter egg afterwards. Happy Hunting!

1. Pretty in Pink
Hint: Other than the fabulous Molly Ringwald, Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles have something in common.

Answer: Acknowledging a rockin' band of course! The Rave-Ups is the band playing in the club scene in Pretty in Pink. Molly Ringwald reportedly liked their music and her sister had a child with one of the band members. In Sixteen Candles "The Rave-Ups" is scrawled on the notebook Molly's character is carrying while walking down a hallway after study hall.

2. Chasing Amy
Hint: A 1975 blockbuster is parodied in a scene in this movie.

Answer: When Holden and Alyssa go skee-balling in Chasing Amy, there's a coin machine with the name of major arcade-game maker "Gottlieb" on it. Carl Gottlieb co-wrote Jaws and the scene in the club, where Banky and Alyssa compare cunnilingus experiences, is a parody of the conversation on board the boat in Jaws between Hooper and Quint.

3. Annie Hall
Hint: Two actors are the butt of a certain joke in this movie for their past performances in this classic movie.

Answer: In Annie Hall, Woody's character is in line for a movie and he has to wait for his date with Diane Keaton's character. When she comes up to him he says "I'm standing here with the cast of The Godfather" referring to thugs standing behind him. Rick Petrucelli, the actor who plays Ralph in The Godfather was in the group of thugs, and of course Diane was also in the Godfather series.

4. Clueless
Hint: A main character's name is flubbed on purpose to refer to the director's former project.

Answer: Cher's last name is Horowitz, but it's shown on her report card as Hamilton. This is because the director, Amy Heckerling's previously directed Fast Times at Ridgemont High that had a main character named Stacey Hamilton.

5. Sabrina
Hint: Other than it being a good story, why do the main characters go watch a certain play?

Answer: In Sabrina, the characters Linus and Sabrina see the play, "The Seven Year Itch" together because the director and writer, Billy Wilder later turns the play into movie.

What are some of your favorite Easter eggs in romantic movies? Tell us in the comments below.