Loveumentary #32: Kiran & MeiMei, The Ultimate Meet-Cute

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Know thyself, first and foremost.

Welcome to The Loveumentary on YourTango! Every Wednesday, YourTango will be hosting podcasts from the fabulous Loveumentary project, created by Nate Bagley. Today's podcast comes to us from Kiran and MeiMei, a couple whose struggles brought them together and made them stronger. Their words remind us of the importance of truly knowing ourselves when it comes to love. From how they met (on a beach in Costa Rica!) to their email-courtship, theirs is a love story you don't want to miss. They help us remember how important it is to be honest, vulnerable and authentic in love.

Our favorite love quote from MeiMei and Kiran: "When she turned around, there was this connection, and in fact, that it was so much that for a moment I thought that, uh, she had actually mistaken me for someone that she knew. Like, it just seemed that familiar, that quickly." – Kiran