Katie Couric Grills Bob Saget About Breaking Her Heart!


Get the scoop on why Bob Saget and Katie Couric didn't work out!


Katie Couric was smitten with Bob Saget back in the day -- but he didn't reciprocate!

The talk show hostess and the erstwhile Full House star went on just one date, and now Couric is grilling Saget about it on her own talk show.

The Katie star previously dished on her failed romance with the raunchy comic and onscreen Danny Tanner, telling Howard Stern, "[Saget] was fun, he was really fun. I had fun, I don't think I did it for him ... that's alright."

Couric aired Saget's dirty laundry on her show, airing today, telling a sympathetic audience, "I really liked him and he didn't call me again!"

"You said that then, too!" Saget cried. "But I'm a single, scrappy creature."

"He made me laugh," Couric smiled wistfully. Saget replied, "I didn't make you laugh. I forced you to laugh!"

Couric kept giving details, adding, "We actually smooched in the hallway outside of my apartment."

Saget, clearly uncomfortable, said, "This is the thing: I have a mouth like Predator, so it can just go ... like an alien. Seriously, you're the luckiest person in the world that you didn't have to see me again."