10 Weird American Sex Laws You've Probably Broken


You outlaw, you!

Many of the things that we find to be a healthy part of a sex life today were once frowned upon, or even illegal in the United States. For example laws prohibiting sodomy were very popular before the 20th century, which would include anal and oral sex. Luckily most of those laws were later repealed so foreplay can be better and homosexuality can be less judged (although we do have more barriers to tear down still).

You won't believe some of the lesser-known sex laws however and how specific they are! If many of these were taken seriously then a lot more of our country's population would be in jail.

For example in Hawaii, it's illegal to appear in public wearing only swimming trunks because the sight of a man's bare chest and legs will surely cause a public uproar and babies! Many babies will be born.

The beautiful state is not the only one who has a law surrounding swimming attire. In Kentucky, a lady may not wear a bathing suit on a highway unless she's escorted by at least two police officers … and armed with a club. This law actually might be helpful with keeping the creeps away during spring break.

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