'Game Of Thrones': The Royal Wedding Spoiler!


It's finally here, and spoiler alert, someone definitely dies!


Last week, The Hound stabbed a man in the penis, Arya stabbed a guy in the throat, and King Joffrey sat around his castle whining about how he's very important (seriously, he's the absolute worst). Overall, the premiere was a major success because any time someone on Game of Thrones is stabbed in the penis, it's a good night.

All eyes will be on the royal couple on season 4, episode 2 ("The Lion and The Rose"). At last, the long awaited wedding of Joffrey Baratheon and Margaery Tyrell is here and we have some major spoilers to spill. So if you don't want to know what happens on tonight's episode, then stop reading now!

According to the episode 2 synopsis, Margaery and Joffrey host a breakfast. Although, we know that is just the beginning because the royal wedding takes place on Sunday night, and if they're following the books, here is the best news we've heard since the show premiered three years ago:

Ding dong the wicked king is dead! That's right, finally that a** got what was coming and we can all rejoice, applause and cheers to King Joffrey's demise.

In the A Song of Fire and Ice series, Joffrey is poisoned and Tyrion is accused of being King Joffrey's murderer. The real question now though is, who did poison the king? Was it his new bride Margaery Tyrell? Could it have been Tyrion? Personally, we hope that Sansa Stark finally got her revenge on Joffrey for murdering her father. It's about time she did something worthwhile.

So what else is happening in Westeros tonight? According to E!, we will learn more about Stannis Baratheon's wife Sylese during an awkward dinner with Stannis, Sylese and Malisandre. Dany is still conquering slave cities and will begin her plots for Meereen. Finally, there will be moments with Theon and we see how that poor guy is doing since Ramsey chopped off his penis (it still gives us the chills).

Are you excited to see King Joffrey's downfall?