Surprising Celebrity Sex Quotes

mindy kaling

What did they have to say this week?

From love to sex to boys and their toys (looking at you and your Instagram, Franco), the celebrities are speaking out on everything that makes them tick in the romance department. Kerr, Kaling and Cook, they're all here!


‘‘Let's put it this way, I've had an orgasm in the air before Alone. And together.’’ – Miranda Kerr
"Just RSVPd to my year high school reunion and feel anxious about my ability to manage my emotions and not scream 'a boy likes me now!'" - Lena Dunham
"James Franco hit on an underage girl on Instagram What a clever way to get yourself in Woody Allen's next film." - Joan Rivers on Twitter
"Sometimes during sex I call out my own name in vein" - Dane Cook on Twitter
"I wanna be on this birth control that @jennaldewan is hawking on #TheMindyProject where I can sync my menstrual cycle to Sandra Bullocks" - Mindy Kaling on Twitter
"You will always be the F of my FMK" - Pete Wentz on Twitter