Five Careers That Can Be Well Paid Without A Degree


A great carrier makes a great lifestyle.

If you have not managed for whatever reason to achieve a university level degree you would be forgiven for thinking that high earner careers are out of reach for you. However, this really is not the case as there are still plenty of choices out there for you that can bring in salaries that are more than enough to enjoy a fruitful life.

Take a look at five that we have found that are achievable for practically anyone. There will still be work to done for each of them but at least you do not need that degree that you have not achieved as of yet.


No degree is needed to be a plumber yet they can make significant salaries after a few years of experience. Usually there is a lot of training required at the beginning and certain courses needed to be passed, but once you are qualified you can start to see your earnings rise year on year. Better still is the fact that there will always be a need for plumbers.

Personal Assistant

Probably not the most glamorous of careers but you will be happy to learn that the very best Personal Assistants can earn some very big salaries. This role will usually mean you work alongside one manager giving administrative support and helping to organise their time and workload.

There is no need for a degree and you will usually just need good levels of experience to land some of the more well paid jobs. You will need to be computer savvy, organised, able to write shorthand and be quick at basically everything that you do.

Poker Player

Being a professional poker playersuch as Viktor Blom famously known for playing texas holdem on Full Tilt Poker may not seem like a career at all but it really is for those that are good enough at the game, have practiced online and have the skills to manage their bankroll successfully. It can take a lot of hard work and can be fairly stressful but once a player reaches a certain level it can become a lot easier to not only do well as a professional player, but actually win life changing amounts of money.

Train Driver

Another great career for those without a degree is that of train driving. There is a lot of responsibility that comes along with this job, which is why some of the most experienced drivers can earn extremely good salaries.

There will be plenty of training to be had before you are accepted as a train driver but it really is worthwhile, especially if you like nothing more than driving. There may be some unsociable hours to work but it really is worth it for the money that can be earned.

Insurance Broker

For those of you that like to take risks, being an Insurance Broker could be the career for you. You will need to use your knowledge of the insurance market to hand out advice to your clients. If your advice is right, the majority of the time you will gain more clients and start to become very successful at your career.
This career will usually have to start with you joining a management training scheme but there is no need for a degree, though it can help if you do have one.

So there you have it, if you do not have a degree there are still plenty of opportunities for you to have a career and earn a good salary. There will be more out there too but for the sake of this article we have kept it to just five. Take a look around and you are sure to find even more ways to earn respectable salaries without a university degree.