Marriage Troubles? Try Spicing Things Up With These 5 Activites


Marriage is hard work. Everyone says that but sometimes new couples don't think things through...

Given that approximately half of all marriages end in divorce, it is important to keep the romance alive if you wish to cultivate a happy and successful life together. In a world filled with stress and constant distraction, it can be hard to set aside time to concentrate solely on your partner, but with a little improvising, it is not impossible. The first years of a marriage are what many term the honeymoon period. During this period, romance is kept alive and fueled with ideals and infatuation. However, once this begins to wear off, the real work sets in.


Find a New Hobby

Often, couples need a change in routine and simply taking a dance class or scuba diving lessons together, for example, can open up a new dimension of the relationship and provide your spouse with the chance to bond with you in a new way and in a unique setting. In addition, it allows couples to develop new and mutual interests.

Leave Expressions of Love

The second way to spice up a marriage is to leave loving messages for your spouse to stumble upon. For example, you can download a romantic image such as different phases of the moon from Google onto your spouse’s smartphone, then use an app to edit it and put text that says something like, “It’s not a phase. I’m officially over the moon for you,” then make the image the new wallpaper for the home screen.

Heat Up the Love

Trying new things in the bedroom can bring a level of intimacy that may have been absent prior. Role-play can come in handy, or even an unsuspected rendezvous during the day can help foster spontaneity. Perhaps try some new sex positions or buy alluring lingerie to help create a spark.

Make Note

A fourth technique to spice things up in a marriage is for each partner to keep a journal. Throughout the course of the day, write down incidents where you noticed something positive your partner did or said that helped you feel loved and appreciated. At the end of each day, read and discuss what you have written to one another in a remote setting devoid of distractions.

Create Games

Creating games to play with your spouse can bring a new level of fun into the relationship. Maybe lead them clue by clue with index cards throughout the house to a special gift, or have a taste-testing contest in the kitchen. This is where your partner is blindfolded and you feed them something and they attempt to guess what it is. Perhaps even invent a special language that only the two of you know. Have an open mind.


Romance is all in the details. Do everything you can to avoid creating riffs and calling a Newark Divorce Attorney to file for divorce. Pay attention to what your partner positively responds to and take note of things they do and do not like. Spontaneity and romance are two of the most important elements that will help keep your marriage intact and fun. Take those extra steps and give selflessly to your partner of yourself and of your time.