Have Him At Hello- Compliments That Flatter Every Guy


Make potential dates feel manly, and sexy with the following phrases.

Have you ever met a guy you really liked but felt like you had no idea what to say to him. Men are often advised to compliment women but compliments work just as easily on men. If you notice a potential date, don't be afraid to spark the conversation with the following phrases.

Ask him, "Do you love what you do?" then respond, "I bet you're good at it."
Ask him, "Is that a new shirt?" then respond, "I looks great on you."
Ask him, "Are you with your friends?" then respond, "Everyone must like you."

We might get nervous around great guys and think we need them to shower us with compliments in order to be liked but the truth is, making a man feel important is as skill most women don't possess. Compliments are appreciated by all but hardly given by women to men.

Take the time to tell him how cool you think he is in a way that's genuine, clever and kind. He will be instantly attracted to your confidence and you will gain instant favor.