Holy Moly, Sofia Vergara Looks Hot In These Vintage Swimsuit Pics

Sofia Vergara

Stop everything you are doing now.

At 41 years old, it is undeniable that Sofia Vergara is a vision. While her voluptuous curves look amazing today, we can't help but wonder how a 20-year-old Sofia looked like. Was she as curvy as she is today? What color was her hair? How has her figure changed (or not changed?).

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it seems that 'allegedly' never-before-seen vintage swimsuit photos of 20-year-old Sofia Vergara have surfaced. The photo was take 4 months after she had given birth to her son, Manolo, but boy is Sofia one hot mamma. She sizzles in the one-piece so get ready to feast your eyes.

Head over to Huffington Post Celebrity to see the photo: Sofia Vergara's Vintage Swimsuit Photos Surface After 21 Years