Sending the Message You Want to Send: Four First Date Outfit Tips


In this article we talk about some tips to make a great first impression on the first date!

Sending the Message You Want to Send: Four First Date Outfit Tips

Ladies and gentlemen, fashion is one of the most significant topics of attraction in the world. Fashion has been around since the beginning of time. Stressing fashion's place in this world gives credence to the seriousness of dressing for the best first-date impressions. After all, once that first date impression is over, it's over. In the world of relationships, chemistry, individuality and a comfortable sense of belonging are three of the most significant factors successful first impressions are based upon. Keeping it classy and classic is the choicest path. Dressing with class offers freedom from self-consciousness while boosting self-confidence. The next four outfitting tips can help calm first date jitters while setting the tone for a positive and lasting impression.

Ladies - Dress Like a Lady

A woman's appearance is already a work of art in and of itself. Accent a woman's finest features with subtle sophistication and classic lines for that first date. Save bold colors, excessive jewelry and heavy make-up for another time. Dresses and skirts should not give away the ending of the story in the very first chapter of this romance novel, ladies. Keep hems at least 10 inches below crotch level or no more than 3-5 inches above the knee.

Gentlemen Deserve to Look Classy, Too

Dressing with class for a first date is as important for the men as it is for the women. A woman also wants to know you value her first impression of you. This is not the time to be fake or overdone, however. Whatever style rocks a man's world should exhibit classic lines and subtle sophistication. Stay away from t-shirts and jeans, gentlemen. Throw on a lightly starched button-down with a great pair of khaki's if the atmosphere is casual to dressy casual.

Rings and Watches

Ladies and gents, did you know wearing a ring or watch is a great way to subtly let each other know you are interested in commitment? A wedding ring represents the circle of a new life together. Dress to impress. Wear a favorite ring or watch for a little subliminal messaging!

Wrap It Up

Ladies, remember to carry a wrap, pashmina or light sweater on first dates. Whether donning a preppy look with a sweater tied around the shoulders or a demur look with a beautifully soft pashmina, chilly nights won't have to be an issue.

First date outfit tips like these will help put any first date on the road to success.

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