Sick Of Being Single? The Dos and Don'ts Of Dating In The City

sad woman in diner

Stand out in a city full of other people looking for love.

"Godddd, what am I doing wrong?" is the form of hello I get from most of my girlfriends living in the city. This hello is then followed by the full run-down of last night's date. Then there is the the pause, the sigh, and the question, "Liiike what do you think?" Wouldn't it be easier if we all just had fairy godmothers? In seconds you're pretty enough to catch the eye of your prince charming. Disney movies aside, NYC is like the grand ball of dating and you've just been sent your invitation. While you may not have your fairy godmother, you do have us and our quick and easy tips will help you master the dating game.

Do Date Multiple People At Once

Remove the idea that dating more than one person is a crime. Because it's not. You can have your weekends booked Friday night with Jim, Saturday with John and Sunday with Jeff ... just don't get them confused accidentally. In a city with over 8.4 million people you can't be tied down to one prospect when he or she is just a prospect. It goes without saying that once you have both agreed to become exclusive, then all other dating stops. But until then make multiple plans and don't feel guilty!

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