Loves Saves The Life Of Heroic Military Dog

angie vidar

It's not just soldiers who suffer.

We all know that war can have a long-lasting psychological, emotional and physical effects on any brave soldier. But just how wide is this spectrum of hurt? One quiet morning, Vidar, a military dog who specializes in bomb hunting, began to display symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from being in the frontlines, including the gradual loss of his sight, thus becoming at risk of being put down. After putting his life on the line to save his comrades on countless occasions, an army medic stepped in and returned the favor when he needed it most.

While stationed at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, British army medic Angie McDonnell became fast friends with Vidar, a Belgian Malinois. Angie firmly believes that the cache of weapons and explosives Vidar sniffed out in 2012 were intended to be used against her and her unit. So, when Angie caught word of Vidar's failing health (and that he might be put down), she stepped in to save the life of the dog that had saved hers.

The pair now live together at Angie's home in Barry, South Wales, and it is reported that Vidar's health is improving. Love brought them together, and it will keep them together.

Angie McDonnell, on tour in Afghanistan
Angie and Vidar at play
Vidar is a happy boy once more
And it's all because of Angie