James Franco Scandal: All You Need To Know About Lucy Cloyde


James Franco is in hot water for allegedly flirting with a teenage girl online. Get the details!

James Franco can land pretty much any girl he wants, so what the Hell was he doing trying to pick up 17-year-old Lucy Cloyde online?!

Here's what allegedly went down: Cloyde, a fan of Franco, filmed an Instagram video of the actor outside of his Of Mice And Men performance on Broadway in New York City. Franco asked her to tag him in the video, which she did. Once he saw it, Franco began following Cloyde on Instagram and direct messaging her.

Again, this is all alleged -- because screenshots can be Photoshopped. In any case, here are the visuals:


Sketchy, right?

After the dalliance became public, Franco began to go on the defensive online:



Sketchier, right?

Still, this might be more innocent than it seems: Franco is starring in Palo Alto, in which he plays an older teacher who begins a relationship with a younger student played by Emma Roberts ... and the trailer was released on April 1 -- the same day Cloyde's Instagrams went viral. Coincidence? Marketing tool? Either way, it's creepy.