Throwback Thursday! Celeb Couples We Totally Forgot About

Matthew McConaughey and Penelope Cruz

So many celeb couples, so little time. We look back on megawatt former couples we often forget.

Celeb couples come and celeb couples go with almost alarming frequency. Who can keep up?

We admit — we totes forgot about these couples because so many of their previous and subsequent relationships were so high wattage, in terms of paparazzi glare. But when you think about it, these couples were pretty potent while they were together.

They may have sizzled and fizzled, but we're happy to plow through the relationship graveyard and reminisce.

Matthew McConaughey + Penelope Cruz

No, that's not True Detective anti-hero Rust Cohle finding love on a beach It's McConaughey and Cruz on set of a film. They were a mid-'00s couple, dating for three years after filming Sahara. She was onto the McConaissance way back when. She just knew.


Ryan Gosling + Sandra Bullock

He will forever be tethered to his The Notebook co-star Rachel McAdams and she is still remembered for her marriage to tattooed lothario and reality star Jesse James, the rascal who cheated on her because he is an idiot But back in the dizzay, Gosling and Bullock were loved up, having met on the set of a really bad movie called Murder by Numbers.

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Kate Hudson + Owen Wilson

K Hud reportedly left her rocker hubby Chris Robinson and began dating Wilson, having an on-set romance. He later sought treatment for depression, which was rumored to stem from their relationship issues. Even so, no one remembers their romance or that awful rom com that spawned it: You, Me and Dupree.


Mila Kunis + Macaulay Culkin

They were together for around eight years, splitting in She got quite the upgrade with Ashton Kutcher. However, she was into Mac when they were together. Russell Brand, her Forgetting Sarah Marshall co-star, once told Howard Stern all Kunis ever did was talk about her BF on set. Times have changed. We always thought Mila was way too hot for Mac and he was punching above his weight. He was cute as Kevin in Home Alone and all, but Mila? She's thermonuclear.


Jennifer Lopez + Diddy

J Lo has had so many high profile relationships, marriages and almost marriages, and this was one of them. But it gets lost in the Bennifer ether. Remember, she was with Diddy when she wore the "dress" that introduced the world to the miracle of double stick tape?

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Jennifer Aniston + John Mayer

The flawless-haired queen and the serial cad have had high-profile partners before and after their romance, so we often forget about 'em He once criticized her lack of Twitter skills, as though that made her some sort of disfigured monster and told an assembled crowd of media that something wasn't right so he dumped her. They reunited -- like why, after the social media diss?-- only to split again. Moving right along ...

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Lindsay Lohan + Samantha Ronson

LiLo refused to fully confirm this relationship but she and the DJ were inseparable for a while in It was her foray into bisexuality. After the "OMG! Linds goes both ways!" novelty wore off, so did their passion. La Lohan later called the relationship "toxic" and it was eradicated from our memory since we're too ensconced by the antics of the former actress --because, really, what's she been in lately? -- to think about her ex-lovers.


Taylor Swift + Taylor Lautner

It was too much Taylor for one relationship The Taylors dated and even starred in Valentine's Day. His abs were probably too much for her. She should write a song about his abs. If there are any songs with "Jacob" as a protagonist, we'll know who she means.

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Justin Timberlake + Cameron Diaz

These two blonde superstars were together for years ( to 2006) and even battled the paparazzi before breaking up. Still, they were as A-list as it gets at the time. They even starred in the bawdy comedy Bad Teacher long after the breakup, which increased their cool factor infinitely.