Visions Make Up the Bedroom of your Life


Houses usually have several rooms . The ones for public view are the living room, dining room, kitchen, even the family room and bathroom. Aside from these rooms functioning on a social level for receiving guests and for entertainment, on a daily basis these serve as the center for running the household, particularly a dining room- cum- kitchen. Often, these get the first share of the budget and much time and effort are spent to decorate and make them welcoming and attractive. A private area like a bedroom comes second and at times, when space is at a pinch, this becomes the repository of unwanted things for the moment.

Have you ever considered that aside from the rooms for public viewing in a house, there are other rooms in your life? There are rooms you use for work, for socials and for family. Then there is the room that is often neglected, the one you set aside for yourself. In this day and age of busyness, one is apt to forget or set aside rituals that can lend the calmness and serenity needed to get back to one’s inner room - the inner self. To do that, you have to create the outer environment that is your own private world- your bedroom.

Be mean and lean

Declutter your room. Look with a discriminating eye at your bulging closet and remove the things you seldom wear and use. These are clothes, shoes, bags and for women, half-used and old make-up items. Just as you don’t overdress and you make sure you only put on enough make-up on your face, so does your room need fewer accessories. Store in bins items occasionally needed to clear up space for a new and fresh look to the room. Even when you’re not the most conscientious cleaner, having closets, shelves and baskets for your things will `make your life easier in finding items and leave time for you to lull around and unwind.

Cool décor and memories

Paint your walls the pastel colors of the spectrum like pale blue that induces sleep, refreshing greens of your garden or the creamy sand. Your room can house memories of being lulled to sleep, gardening with loved ones or frolicking in the beach. You can put in treasured pictures in simple small frames lined up on a wall or a shelf with an object or two. It may be a pottery from a place visited, a shell or a stone with a penned message. A lovely touch is a live green plant or a vase of favorite flowers. A bit of nature brings in a whole spirited life even to a simple small bedroom.

Tack up your visions

A big cork board is where you can indulge yourself. You may be a fast efficient guy, a sporty girl or one who’s big on fashions. Whatever your interests, this is one great board tailor made for you. You can tear out and tack travel pictures or sports cars, leaves, necklace charms, whatever. This will serve as your idea board for a business, a career, and a family home. There’s no limit to your imagination and seeing it every day in your quiet time may let these come to pass.

A bedroom tailored to your taste not only speaks of your personality but keeps alive as well the visions of a life you wish to live.