Adjust Your Budget: You Can Get Your Wedding Live-Tweeted For $3K

bride and friends taking a selfie
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Let the personalized hashtags, tweets and photo overload begin!

When it comes to organizing a wedding budget you have to figure out what becomes priority, and where you can make a few cuts. The dress, venue, food, and entertainment are all things that are normally part of peoples budgets, but in this new day and age it's time to think about social media coverage.

That's right! Is it very important to you that the online world can follow you and your big day? Perhaps it would like relatives and friends who couldn't make it physically be able to still be part of the celebration with announcements of what's going on and of course, plenty of pictures. Well, W Hotels have tapped into this need and have begun offering social media services for a grand total of $3,000. This includes them making a unique wedding hashtag, live-tweeting during the ceremony, and giving the couple a "social recap".

If there is one thing to be learned from all of those wedding reality shows is that people go crazy with their money for weddings — so there is definitely a market for it.

Still a skeptic? Find all the answers to your questions about this service from Alyssa Kiefer, the Global Social Media Strategist for W Hotels below!

Find out what Alyssa Kiefer had to say here: Want your wedding live-tweeted? $3K, please!

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