Who Should Smokin' Hot Khloe Kardashian Date Next?

Khloe Kardashian

Now that Khloe Kardashian is a single lady and able to date, we've picked a few potential suitors.

Khloe Kardashian was called the "ugly Kardashian" in Eminem's single "Berzerk." Is the rapper, like, blind? Khloe is a stunner, a successful business woman and newly single. She and hubby Lamar Odom, who she married in 2009 a mere month after meeting him but still remained wed to him longer than her big sister Kim's 72-day debacle with Kris Humphries, split publicly amid cheating rumors on the baller's part. What's his prob? Since his soon-to-be-former-missus is a catch, yo!

Khloe also deals with these persistent rumors that she is not a biological Kardashian due to her physical differences and her height — she towers over her sisters — and her momager Kris Jenner's history of infidelity. Through it all, the put-upon Khloe retains her signature sass, strength and grace. She is the real glue holding her famous fam together.

While she has been linked to L.A. Dodgers superstar Matt Kemp as of late, we want to see her happy and in a healthy relationship, not a rebound. She deserves it.

So we've come up with a list of potential suitors and who we think Double K should date next. Call it fan fiction — whatever! But the truth is, she can't show up at her big sis Kim's wedding to Kanye West in Paris a la carte. No way, no how.

She needs a date, one who will gawk at her fabulousness all the while ignoring the bride. These dudes seem like suitable matches up for the task of squiring Khloe about town.


Tim Tebow
The former NFL QB is a good Christian boy who seems like he'd put her needs ahead of his own in order to be a supportive, loving BF She could use some stability in this opposites attract scenario after Lamar went AWOL and left her in the lurch. Plus, have you seen Tebow's face? He is absolutely adorbs. Go ahead, we'll wait while you mop up the drool.
Mark Sanchez
Sanchez just got cut from the New York Jets and headed to the Philadelphia Eagles and Khloe has been left nursing a broken heart, meaning both are dealing with maaaaaj life changes Despite living on different coasts, they could be a beacon of light for one another. The hunk has dated a string of Hollywood hotties -- actress Eva Longoria was his most famous conquest -- so he "gets" being in the public eye since he deals with the paparazzi and unforgiving media himself. The couple that shields itself from the paparazzi together, stays together, right?
With all this on-off drama going on between him and the always-fickle Rihanna, we bet Drake could get his vibe on with Khloe Plus, why should Kim be the only member of the Kardashian Krew to date a rapper? Khloe deserves her own rhyme spitter. Drake could even engage in rap war with Eminem, penning a response to the "Berzerk" diss, calling Marshall Mathers out, all the while defending Khloe's honor. Our knees just got sorta weak at the thought.
Derek Jeter
The New York Yankees' El Capitan also dates the hottest women that populate the planet and Khloe is, well, pretty hot While Khloe has been linked to fellow Major Leaguer Matt Kemp, we bet a more mature, seasoned, solid and grown ass man like No. 2 would be a perfect partner for her. Something tells us Kris Jenner would approve of such a coupling.
Geno Smith
The New York Jets QB is young and he is smack dab in the middle of the harsh glare of the sports media spotlight, something our girl Khloe deals with day in and day out on the celebrity end They could totally "be there" for each other. Ain't nothing wrong with a younger man, either, since he is just 23 to her 29.