I Do? 10 Ways Sweet Marriage Proposals Went Sour

woman giving thumbs up while man gives thumbs down

These ten women want a re-do on their proposals.

Your mindset can go one of two ways when it comes to proposals. The first is that you believe that any kind of marriage proposal is a good one as long as both parties want to walk down the aisle. The second is that you believe that a wedding proposal should be a grand gesture, romantic and unique.

Either way you look at it, it's definitely one of those stories that people will ask you about for the rest of your life. So it does make sense that some women would feel like they want to re-do their proposals.

In fact, 53 percent of women would change something about how their partner proposed. To get more specific 22 percent would change the location, 14 percent would change their ring, 14 percent wish different people would have been there to witness it, 10 percent would have changed the date, and 3 percent would change something else (can we assume this would be the person who is going down on one knee?)

You may be shocked by all of these women's unhappiness about their proposals, but luckily we have 10 real stories about proposals that were bad enough to make you understand.

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