Weird News: This Couple Was Fake-Pregnant With Quintuplets

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She showed signs, but was actually never pregnant.

Ladies be prepared to be freaked out all thanks to how powerful our minds can trick our bodies. Yes, you might have thought you were pregnant once or twice due to a very delayed arrival of your period, but it turns out a woman can show multiple symptoms of being pregnant just from thinking she is. We're not just talking about some weight gain either. No, we are talking about lactation and the whole nine yards!

This very thing happened to a Canadian couple who was expecting not one baby, but five. Paul Servat and his girlfriend were very much preparing for the little ones arrival by collecting donations from neighbors and friends.

On the day of the "delivery" a nurse pulled Servat to the side to tell him that there isn't any evidence of any pregnancy. Of course this came to a shock to the man who was expecting to be a father.

However there were some doubts amongst their friends. Mother of triplets, Geneviève Laflamme told CTV News that Servat’s girlfriend's story didn't add up and that she would continually increase the number of babies she was expecting.

Now that's suspicious! But if you are thinking that this woman was just lying for attention then you might be wrong.

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