Buying Lingerie: A Guide for Men


This guide will help you buy the perfect lingerie for the woman in your life.

Buying lingerie for the special woman in your life can be a particularly daunting task considering all of the options available. Most men think knowing the cup size is enough but with all of the different shapes lingerie can be in, there is a lot more consider. Don’t worry, this guide will make buying gifts for your lady easy. Walking into a lingerie store can be quite intimidating so with the right size knowledge why not make the purchase online? Zivame has a large variety in every conceivable size and provide discounts via offer codes on the Zivame website, just click through. Now that you know you won’t have to walk around a store looking lost you are probably already feeling a bit better, aren’t you? The first step to buying lingerie for your lady is to rummage through her underwear drawer while she is out. Give yourself enough time, I wouldn’t suggest doing it while she is in the bathroom, perhaps while she is bathing. The two most important things to take note of are the bust size and the cup size. Cup size is easy, that’s A, B, C, D etc. The bust size is the number that accompanies the letter. You will be able to see it on the tag e.g. a 36C or 32B. Save the number and letter. Next it is also important to take note of the kinds of bra’s she wears in general. Are they padded? How thick are the straps? Take note of the shape too as this makes a difference, believe it or not. Look if she prefers colourful underwear with patterns or plain, neutral colours. Remember that while you are hoping you will get to see her in her new gift later on, she will most probably want to be able to wear it for day to day use. So while crotchless panties might seem erotic, they are not really practical and a gift that she can reuse again and again will mean that she will think of you every time she wears it. Good luck!