Theo James Wants A Gay Superhero Movie!

'Divergent' star Theo James

Theo James is sick of heterosexual superheroes. Get the details!

Divergent star Theo James wants superheroes to diverge from the norm!

The British-born hunk, whose flick with Shailene Woodley topped box offices for its debut, is bored with heterosexual heroes and wants the caped crusader population to reflect the real one and thinks more action heroes should be gay and reflect the LGBT community.

James told The Advocate, "Today there are great shows like Looking, poignant pieces of work that revolve around a central cast of characters that happen to be gay."

The actor acknowledges that it wasn't always the case -- and likely won't be forever, at least not yet. He added, "But I remember when Queer As Folk came out and thinking, 'Things are changing. Maybe there will be more shows like this.' And then suddenly there was a drought. Hopefully the day we have a gay action hero isn't far away."

James himself believes that a key to gender and sexual equality lies not just with representing the LGBT community, but also in just having more female heroes as well. James, who stars as "dauntless" Four in Divergent (the first in the Veronica Roth-penned trilogy), says Woodley's character in the movie, Tris, is a prime example in how fierce female protagonists can level the playing field. "Her being strong doesn't de-masculate him," James says, "and hopefully that's pushing a more positive message about gender equality."

Amen, brother!


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