5 Ways to Get Together Again if Your Ex is Living Somewhere Else


First soup with 5 ways to get together again if your ex is living somewhere else.

There are times in life that people decide to move forward and move on with their lives, times when we, as people, need to just pack up and go leaving those that we care about far away, but always in our heart. This can often cause chasms in a relationship and cause people to break up because their future is uncertain. Many times that break up is based on fear and one of you wants to get back together in the sense of the relationship, not the physical closeness. There are a few things you can do to get back together with your ex after he or she has moved away. Relationships Australia, a leading organization, has good advice. Getting back together long distance won’t be easy. It takes time and effort and most of all a lot of trust and hard work. Here are the top five things you need to do: 1. Appeal to their emotions 2. Remind them of better times 3. Be patient 4. Remain communicative 5. Make your ex realize they want you back Appealing to your ex’s emotions is the most important aspect because you want to get back together in the sense of the relationship, not the physical closeness. The emotional relationship will eventually lead back to that physical relationship, but first your ex has to miss you enough to not want anyone else. In order to do that, to appeal to their nostalgic side, you must remind them of better times. Of course, you can’t be whiney about it, either. Being nagging or whining is just going to make them grateful they’re far away. Be pleasant, be supportive, but also get into nostalgic conversations that leave them missing you after you’ve hung up the phone. If you want to get back together again you also have to be patient. Remember, your ex has started a new life and that usually means trying to forget their old life. Be a patient, yet constant reminder of what you really mean to them. Remain openly communicative so you don’t lose those ties with them. Long distance relationships can be tricky and all you have is communication, so use that communication to your best advantage by continuously being a part of your ex’s life. Also, you have to make sure your ex realizes they want you back. Remember, you‘re trying to get back together in the sense of the relationship, not the physical closeness so you are going to make them think this is all their idea. Often people who are far away think that the distance will hinder the relationship because there is now no physical aspect to it, but even if your ex is living somewhere else you can let them know that you are available to be there for the physical part, while keeping them missing you so they think it’s their idea to get back together and give it another try. Nostalgia and availability are the keys to this idea. Hope this helps you. Let me know how you go.