Top Seven Celebritries Red Carpet Dress Up


Below are the seven “Best red carpet dresses” of all time

7) Angelina Jolie, 2012

Angelina is ultimately the sex bomb on the red carpet. She looked dead gorgeous at 2012 Oscars. She stole the show with her black velvet gown with a thigh high split. Angelina stepped out with her hip out and leg extended. She really turned up fashionably and she knew exactly how to pose boldly in that dress and stuck her leg out.

6) Elizabeth Hurley, 1994

The safety pin dress, as it has become known, she wore the Versace high octane dress to the premiere of Four Weddings and a Funeral with Hugh Grant. This dress gained so much popularity and boosted Hurley’s profile. This truly stands as iconic dress. It was designed by the late Gianni Versace and at that time she borrowed it as she can’t afford to buy. The dress is designed with handful of oversized safety pins and this protects from being exposed.

5) Jennifer Lopez, 2000

Jennifer Lopez wore a Versace green color dress to the 42nd Grammy awards ceremony. It is a plunging green dress. It is a see-through plunging green silk chiffon dress and has the pattern of tropical leaf and bamboo. The neck cut was so deep that extended several inches below her navel, and there is cut along on her legs. It exposed her midriff. It is open at the back and droops behind her on the floor .She wore a pair of nude-tone shorts .The same style dress was later adored by Geri Halliwell (2000).As she stepped down for the awards ceremony, many cameras flashed at her at once.

4) Nicole Kidman, 2007

Nicole Kidman looked very elegant when she hit the red carpet at the Academy Awards, 2007.The tie at the neck is just awesome and added a modern twist. She really made a striking hit. It is a red color dress (redder than the carpet) which has a gigantic red bow bigger than her head on the right shoulder.

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3) Penelope Cruz, 2007

Penelope Cruz made a mind blowing entrance at 2007 Oscars which has to be remember forever .She blew everyone by coming in feathered Versace pink gown. She looked stunning that night with feathered bottom skirt and all eyes were on her.

2) Hilary Swank, 2005

Can’t forget the navy blue dress designed by Laroche. Hilary Swank wore it for the 77th Academy awards. Her dress was attention grabber. The dress is backless. She shows off her flawless back in that dress. It has a very high front and very low back with curve hugging style with long sleeves.

1) Halle Berry, 2002

It is the most memorable look of all time and this credit goes to Elie Saab for his creation over Halle Berry. The fantastic look (classy + sexy) was highlighted with the actress spectacular curves and amazing figure, the color of the dress was superb and it resulted in an impressive look.

The gown looks like an asymmetrical ball gown, with its rich burgundy taffeta skirt and semi-sheer top have made the history.
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