Six Great Ways to Meet New People in a New City


Those moving to a new city often find themselves feeling alone, but they don't have to!

Moving to a new city is not for the faint of heart. It involves not only having to pack your life belongings and trust strangers with taking them to your new home; you then have to develop new habits, learn new streets and maybe face the demands of a new job. All of these stresses can be aggravated by having no one to meet up with to unwind or see a movie, as oftentimes those moving to a new city find themselves distanced from their entire support group and feeling alone.

One of the most difficult aspects of moving to a new city is the lack of friends. Your family may be wonderful, your job fantastic and the new location a true paradise. Sooner or later, however, the lack of friends could make you feel very lonely. In this case, you need to take the matter in your own hands. Take heart in the fact that it takes courage to leave a familiar place and that you are doing something that many are not able to do. Tackle the project of making new friends with the same courage. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

Take a Class
There is a reason why some of your best friends are the ones you met in school. People often bond when they work together on the same project. When there is a common purpose, personal interaction is natural. If you have ever wanted to learn Italian, become a woodworking master or learn how to decorate a cake, this is your chance. Consider your temporary lack of friends as an opportunity rather than a drawback. When taking a class, you will learn things you otherwise you would have not learned and meet people you otherwise would have not met.

Join, Join, Join
Volunteering opportunities are some of the best ways to meet people who share the same interests as you. Add to that the fact that you make yourself useful to a noble cause. Do not forget book clubs, art groups, the local library or museums. Join whatever volunteer force appeals to you most!

Volunteer for Political Campaigns
While mingling with random people in random places may provide you with a few leads, joining a political campaign connects you to people who have the same convictions as you, an important aspect of friendship. Call the city headquarters of your favorite party and ask how you can help. You will likely meet motivated people with high civic awareness and concerns bigger than their own selves. In addition, you will probably have the opportunity to meet some interesting political personalities.

Take Your Quest Online
Look for websites that can help you find groups of people in your area, usually centered on a common interest. A great example is Members are often people in the same situation as you and eager to make friends. Do not expect an instant connection with those you meet, rather, try first to extend your circle of acquaintances.

Lend a Hand
Is your neighbor struggling to shovel his driveway? Do you have some extra tulip bulbs and think your neighbor could use them? Did you find a flier in the mail telling you that your community is organizing a Halloween party? Show up and ask if you can help. Keep in mind that your new friends do not have to be your age, nor have the same interests. Different friends meet different needs--try hiking with some, discuss a new book or recipe with others, and open up to a few.

Attend Church
If you have religious inclinations, go to your local church. On church day, people are more relaxed, open to others and often in a more generous frame of mind. Some of the best connections are made through church members. In addition, church activities or events happen fairly often, which offers you more opportunities to meet people. You can even open up and let others know that you are new in the city and are looking for friends. More often than not, you will find one or two persons who know someone you would like to meet.

Having friends is essential in leading a fulfilling life. Making new friends in a new city requires courage and a proactive attitude. Remember that you are not alone in this situation. Many people looking for a friend are eagerly waiting for you to make the first move. Be the first one to strike up a conversation, accept invitations, and make an effort to step out of your comfort zone!

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