'The Bachelor' Star Renee Oteri Got Married!


Get the scoop on 'The Bachelor' star Renee Oteri's wedding and new hubby, Bracy Maynard!


Congratulations to Renee Oteri of The Bachelor! The runner up found an eligible bachelor of her own who seems to be a big step up from super-creep Juan Pablo Galavis. Oteri just tied the knot with her best friend, Bracy Maynard!

Oteri, who left The Bachelor a blubbering mess after her hometown date -- likely because she didn't realize at the time that not dating Juan Pablo Galavis was basically dodging a bullet -- has known Maynard since she was 12 years old. Say it with us: Awww!

Maynard and Oteri got engaged just a month ago, but when you've got such a long history, we can see why they'd want to seal the deal as soon as they can: they're so in love and adorable.

Also adorable? Maynard's son, Ben, who served as a rather sleepy best man.


Oteri posted photos to her Instagram of her dress and big day, and can we just say how sweetly and adoringly these two look at each other? Someone tell Nikki Ferrell and Juan Pablo Galavis to take notes.

And also, it's okay if you need to grab some tissues. We understand.

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