You've Been Warned: A Walmart Toe Sucker Is On The Loose

man massaging feet

Move aside, Swiss cheese pervert.

It's understandable that everyone has their "thing". Some people like it rough, some people like toys, and some people love certain body parts more than others. The only way any of these things can be bad is if you try to push your fetish on people who aren't giving their consent. Sadly this seems to be happening more and more.

There many perverts that have been in action lately. One is the Swiss cheese pervert in Mayfair, P.A., who has been repeatedly caught for asking women to pleasure him with Swiss cheese. Now there is yet another man allegedly who is less turned on by dairy products and more into toes.

Two women have come forward to talk about their horrifying experience with him in two separate Walmart stores. The Walmart Toe Sucker allegedly committed his crimes in Lincolnton, N.C., and now police are on the search for him.

The alleged Walmart Toe Sucker is believed to be a podiatry student.

Find out how the Walmart Toe Sucker got his victims here: Walmart Toe Sucker Wanted By NC Police

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