Slim Shoes: The Best Styles for Narrow Feet


Getting shoes that fit can be frustrating for anybody,

but hunting down slim shoes for women can often feel like a near impossible task. Gals with narrow feet may feel that their style potential is limited in the shoe department, but a slim shoe size doesn’t have to mean slim pickings. By seeking out the best styles to fit your foot, you can not only indulge in top fashion choices, but also in your own comfort.

It’s a sad fact of life, but flats can often be too wide for those who need slim shoes for women. However, if the ballet look is your bag, getting a shoe to fit is easy by looking for flats that focus on stretch. Aim for shoes that offer elasticated edges where your foot slips in, or materials that pop back into shape. These can help to secure your foot, keeping it snugly in place rather than sliding around the foot bed. Try avoiding leather or suede, which can stretch and expand as you walk, causing the show to enlarge over time.

Strappy shoes are all the rage lately, and they’re also the new BFF (Best Friend Forever) of those looking for slim shoes for women. Straps can help you to adjust a shoe to fit you properly, giving you a custom fit every time. Should you find that you need the strap to be tighter, simply take a nail and a hammer to make an additional hole where you require it. If “do it yourself” isn’t your style, visit your local shoe repair shop instead, who can take measurements and ensure your customized hole ends up in the right place.

Boots aren’t just for those cold winter days -- they’re also a fashion essential. However, narrow options for those seeking out a great pair of boots are thin on the ground. Hitting the online specialist shops such as can give you a range of options, styles and colors. Try a pair of ankle boots with your favorite jeans for an instant wardrobe update, or head for knee-high boots with a stunning knee-skimming skirt. Boots are a year-round must have for your wardrobe.

Sandals go beyond the simple flip-flop, and today’s styles and colors mean they’re classy enough to wear to even the fanciest of events. Many sandal styles offer straps, so those who require slim shoes for women can get a custom fit. Sandals don’t have to be flat, either. Try wedges to give you that all-important height, particularly when you’re wearing longer dresses or skirts. Having a pair of comfy sandals is also an essential for summer.

Having difficulty tracking down slim shoes for women? Then giving your foot opportunities for a custom fit is the best way to go. Lace up shoes allow you to tighten or loosen your fit as required. Laces come in all sorts of options, from your basic sneaker to even sandals. One of 2014’s biggest trends is laces that wrap around the ankle, or “gladiator style” laces. These are particularly handy for those with a narrow foot, as it can give extra ability to stay put inside the shoe.

Ladies with narrow feet don’t have to sacrifice great style in the shoe department. Online retailers such as can give you a range of options in slim shoes for women, from casual all the way to the perfect heel for a night out. Remember: a great shoe can make your outfit.